First, second, third… does it count?

It’s true that not everything can be expressed in numbers. But some numbers are worth a mention. You will find more facts, particularly historically interesting ones, on our ‘History’ page.

  1. MKM has 1,200 employees. Many of them are the third or fourth generations to be working for us.

  2. MKM is one of the biggest employers in Sachsen-Anhalt.

  3. MKM is one of the top training establishments in Sachsen-Anhalt. We are currently Training 65 young people. Of those, 49 are our own apprentices, the other 16 are specialists-in-training belonging to our collaborators and partner companies.

  4. MKM won the ‘Leading Training Institution’ award in Sachsen-Anhalt right back in 1992. The state government nominated us as the leading training location for the profession of Process Mechanic.

  5. Germany’s best apprentice in 2013 was a member of our workforce.

  6. We produced more than 280,000 tons of copper in 2018, which we supplied to around 1,000 customers in 60 countries

  7. The thinnest wire we are able to draw is thinner than a hair, namely 0.05 mm, and the thickest is 22 mm.