We've got ten internal issues. But keep them to yourself.

We could hardly have asked all of our employees why they chose to work with us. A thousand-plus statements would have been rather too many. But you can learn about the reasons why ten of our colleagues chose us. They work in various areas of MKM and have been with us for different lengths of time. If you would like to hear any more personal stories, the best thing to do is come and work here yourself.

“When I look back on it, I’m really proud of what MKM employees have achieved. They’ve made the necessary changes, they’re motivated and they take responsibility. The experience of older colleagues is also important. We have a great, open culture at MKM and we’re admired throughout the world.”

Thomas Lipsch (57), Works Council Chairman, 35 years at MKM

“There’s so much available to everyone here. I can develop myself at MKM, contribute my own ideas, and achieve my own aims.”

Ramon Kiefuß (43), foreman in tube and bar drawing, 19 years at MKM

“MKM is an excellent company that’s constantly evolving for its customers.”

Siegbert Hergesell (57), driver and operator for works fire brigade, 35 years at MKM

“We’re a strong team at MKM and we work together to deliver top performance each and every day.”

Angela König (56), forewoman in draw plate production, 36 years at MKM

“MKM combines a unique diversity of products and processes with extraordinarily high quality standards and top advisory expertise.”

Christoph Busch (43), Retail Sales Director, 17 years at MKM

“I’m proud that we’re able to assert ourselves in the global market and that we are one of the biggest employers in Sachsen-Anhalt.”

Karin Helm (49), Wire Drawer, 16 years at MKM