Renewal? Therein lies our tradition.

Few companies have reinvented themselves as often as MKM. Despite numerous changes of owner and structure over our history of more than 100 years, there are some things we have kept constant. One that immediately stands out is our name. Less visible but perhaps more important is our adherence to principles. Then there’s our dedication to a material which belongs in our region, which offers many people prospects – and an awareness of quality. It is no secret that innovation and investment can be mutually beneficial. We have made well-founded large-scale investments in future technology ever since we were founded in 1909. MKM has invested more than €400 million since 1997. A high equity ratio of around 60 percent puts us on an extremely strong growth footing. Our owner Hannam & Partners, who sees things long-term, has enabled us to make comprehensive future investments. That way we can become even better.